Arcademania Bittboy complete guide

ARCADEMANIA Bittboy, get the most out of your new handheld with this definitive guide

Enjoy the best retro games with Bittboy anywhere, anytime.

Operation is very simple, and following our small recommendations, you will discover everything that your small emulation machine is capable of.

Table of Contents:


ARCADEMANIA Bittboy controls

Basic functions

-Turn on the device

To turn on the console, simply move the «Power» button located on the upper right side of the console. Once this is done, the green Battery Indicator should light up and the system will start to boot. After a few seconds the main menu will appear, and you can use the device.

-Turn off the device properly

a) Press the «TA» button until you enter into SETTINGS tab. 

b) Select the POWER option by pressing “A”.

c) Press «A» again and wait for the screen to go black, then move the «Power» button sideways.

d) The battery indicator should be off.

-Install microSD card

If it is not already installed, before start to play you must insert microSD card that comes in the box, in the slot enabled for this purpose, at the top of the console (TF card slot).

-Charging device

You can charge your console with a standard charger and a common micro USB cable. Once charger is connected to the console by its cable, the red Power led should be on. When the charge has finished, led will turn off. Charging time will depend on the charger used but it will be up to 3 hours.

IMPORTANT. Do not use chargers with a power greater than 2A. Using inappropriate chargers can seriously damage the battery and the integrity of the device.


Bittboy y consolas retro

Bittboy has the following emulators pre-installed on his MicroSD card:
NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Super NES, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Atari 2600, Atari LYNX, PC Egine, NeoGeo, MAME, Pokemini, Wonder Swan, etc.

Operation is similar in each of them, let’s review a little each emulator:

-Nintendo NES

To enter in Nintendo NES emulator, select the NES icon by pressing A button from the main menu. You will see a list with all available games. To run a game, go to the game you want with the D-Pad and press A button.

Contextual menu:  During the game, if you press RESET button, you will enter a submenu where we can perform different actions such as Save & Load game, configure controls, exit the game, etc.                                        

To return to the game, simply press TA button.

-Super NES

Super NES emulator works same as Nintendo NES emulator.

Select SNES icon by pressing A button from the main menu. You will see a list with all available games. To run a game, go to the game you want with the D-Pad and press A button.

Contextual menu: During the game, if you press START + SELECT button, you will enter a submenu where we can perform different actions such as Save & Load game, configure controls, exit the game, etc. 

To return to the game, simply press TA button.


The only difference with the previous emulators, to enter in the contextual menu, we must press reset button (R)

-MAME Arcade

Although all emulators work similar to SNES, MAME (arcade) emulator is a little different:

For example, in order to play a game, the procedure is as follows:

1– You must select the MAME emulator (arcade) and press A.

2-You will see a list with the available roms, using D-Pad, go to the game you want, press A.

3– When you see «MAME4ALL» logo press A again

4– When you see the available ROMS, select the game you want by pressing START (2 times)

5– You will have to wait a few seconds to see a message. When this screen appears, press D-Pad (left + down + right), to enter the game.

6-Once inside, with SELECT you give credits, and with START you start to play.

7-If you want to exit the game and go to the main menu, press RESET (2 times) and then START.

Copy games

Although Bittboy comes with a small list of available games, there is the possibility to introduce more roms.

*For LINUX users only (if you use Windows see «General tips» below)
The procedure is relatively simple, you have to insert MicroSD card into its USB adapter and connect it to you computer

Once connected, computer will detect different storage units. Main unit contains a folder named ROMS:

Carpeta roms PocketGO Arcademania
We must copy the roms in their corresponding folders to keep all the games in an orderly way.
Carpeta listado roms PocketGO Arcademania

General Tips

-What happens if screen goes black after turning on your Bittboy?

If when you turn on your Bittboy, we see that the screen goes black and some command lines appear, it is likely that you have not turned off the console properly.

mal apagado Bittboy Arcademania
Example of startup after an improper shutdown

In that case do not worry. During startup, the computer verifies that file system does not have any failure, (it is a process that can take from 2 to 5 minutes). Once it has finished, and if there are no problems, your Bittboy should start normally.

To avoid these problems and a fatal damage, it´s very important that you turn off your Bittboy as follows:

– From the main menu, press and hold the START button for a few seconds.

– When menu appears, press the A button to turn off the equipment.

– When screen turns off, you can now turn off Bittboy from the top switch.

-What happens if when entering an emulator games do not appear?

If when entering an emulator games do not appear, don’t worry, your games are still there. Most likely, your Bittboy’s settings have been lost.

When entering an emulator, it directly searches for games in their corresponding folder. Each emulator has a folder assigned to it.

For example, if you go to the Super NES emulator, games are in the folder named SNES. To correct this problem, you must perform the following actions:

1- Super NES games are located in the following path: MNT / ROMS / SNES. Search folders list for one with the name MNT and  press the A button to enter.

2- If it does not appear, search the list for an icon with the symbol of an «arrow» and press the A button. Repeat step 1 until you find the MNT folder and press the A button.

3- Now, look in the list for a folder with the name ROMS and press the A button.

4- Now look in the list for a folder with the name SNES and press the A button.

5- At this time you should see game list. 

IMPORTANT: To avoid having to repeat this process every time you enter in an emulator, enter into a game and save your game. When you exit the game and re-entering, the emulator will show you the list automatically. This process is the same for all emulators.

-Software has been corrupted and I cannot use my Bittboy ... SOLUTION!

If for some reason your Bittboy is not working properly, one of the possibilities is that it has corrupted software. In the following video we explain step by step how to reinstall your console software:

-How to Play with Bittboy?

In the following video, you will be able to see in a summarized way how to play the different Bittboy emulators:

-How to adjust volume and brightness from your Bittboy?

To adjust the volume and brightness, simply press the following button combination:

– Volume up / down: RESET + D-Pad up / down

– Brightness up / down: RESET + D-Pad  left / right 

-How to copy ROMS to my Bittboy, if my PC does not detect the microSD card partitions correctly? (Windows users)

In some Windows revisions, it may not detect partitions correctly with no access to ROMS folder. This problem is due to the fact that Bittboy’s file system is Linux..

If this is your case, we recommend that you use the application: DiskGenius. With this tool, you will be able to manage Linux and Windows partitions on your computer easily. You can see the operation in the following video:

-Bittboy game list

Bittboy comes with a standard number of games available, that manufacturer includes to test the console. We´ve already tested and they work really well.

Click on the following link, and you will see the full list of games and emulators.